Channeling the Music of Django Reinhardt

Channeling the music of Django Reinhardt

Jazz lovers are in for a treat.

City College music professors Bob Wrenn and Rob Knable, along with friends, will be putting on a jazz concert at noon Dec. 6 in the Cultural Awareness Center.
They will play songs by the legendary jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. Wrenn is a fiddle player, while Knable plays the clarinet.
Reinhardt (1910-1953) was a pioneering jazz guitarist who is remembered for having invented a new style of jazz guitar technique sometimes called hot jazz guitar. Hot jazz guitar is now a living musical tradition within the French gypsy culture and has gained widespread appeal.
Reinhardt co-founded the band Quintette du Hot club de France with violinist Stéphane Grappelli. Among many, his most popular songs are “Minor Swing,” “Daphne,” “Belleville,” “Djangology,” “Swing 42,” and “Nuages”.


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